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We take a different approach to preparing taxes and financial planning that can save excessive tax payments in the future. Sometimes over $1,000,000 or more.

Most tax professionals including many CPA’s only focus on current tax return and do not assist clients in planning for the future. We want to do that planning with you now as part of our tax preparation services and review it with you each year.

Our approach is a MacroApproach.

  • We specialize in retirement strategies that take a macroapproach to reducing taxes.
  • Most financial planners utilize an approach you’re probably more familiar with a microapproach to taxes, which works to minimize your taxes in a given year. That is exactly what I believe Jeff has provided for you. The approach is a long standing in the industry, but it does not achieve the same results.
  • Our macroapproach is different. Our goal is to minimize the total taxes you pay over your entire lifetime in retirement. This will become evident as we reviewing the information today.

Alignment with Stonewood:

  • We believe in helping our clients make informed decisions about their retirements, and to make an informed decision our clients have to be informed.
  • When meeting with new clients, we usually discover no one has ever analyzed the potential taxes they could pay in retirement –and how that will impact their income.
  • So, we partner with an actuarial firm that has developed proprietary analysis models.
  • These models help us evaluate the tax burden building in your current retirement approach –and provide options for addressing that tax burden and increasing your income in retirement.

Alignment with Advisors Excel:

  • Our strategic alliance with Advisors Excel provides us with industry leading products and services which allows us the versatility and independence of selecting the best products from the best providers that our available in the market place. This allows us to implement the best solutions for the client’s needs.
  • Our alliance includes the ability to provide brokerage services and investment management services where required even though we do not actively participate in that process.

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