Health Insurance and Medicare

Affordable Health Insurance

Compare multiple plans side by side to find the best health insurance to meets your needs and your unique financial situation. We offer enrollment assistance and personalized tools to find insurance through the Affordable Care Act's insurance marketplace or through private companies. 

Medicare Enrollment

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Part C, or Medicare Advantage Plans, are offered by private health insurance companies to provide Medicare benefits. Medicare Advantage Plans typically offer the same benefits as Part A, Part B, and Part D but offers users the flexibility to design your own plan that meets your specific medical needs. 

Original Medicare

Original Medicare consists of Medicare Part A, for hospital coverage, and Medicare Part B, for doctors' office coverage. Both plans can be used together or separately depending on your health needs

Prescription Drug Plan

Medicare Part D, or Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, adds outpatient prescription drug insurance to Original Medicare. Part D plans are offered by separate insurance companies approved by Medicare so prescription costs and coverage will vary by company. Part D can be added to Medicare Part A and Part B plans

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I enroll in Medicare if I still have health insurance through my employer?

Many workers may want to enroll in Part A alongside their employer’s insurance. But be sure to check with your employer to see if your current coverage will change if you enroll in Medicare. Generally, individuals do not need Medicare Part B if their employer’s coverage is primary unless they are unhappy with that coverage. You will need to review your options or speak to a Medicare Certified Agent to see whether your employer’s insurance, Medicare, or both provides the most coverage for the best price.  

​Which Medicare parts do I choose?

​The parts you choose depends on your health and financial situations. Every person is unique and may need a different combination. Part A covers hospital care, Part B covers doctor visits, Part D covers prescription drugs, and Part C covers additional costs not covered by Original Medicare. The best ways to choose your plan are to evaluate your needs and review the coverage details or speak with an Medicare Certified Agent to discuss your options. 

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